Our mission is to create opportunities for vulnerable young women in Rwanda, unlocking their self-worth and potential by providing life skills, education and job training.


But First… it takes a girl


Throughout the years, people have defined poverty by how it’s represented, both tangibly and visually -– the lack of basic needs, such as access to clean water, shelter and nutritional food.

And as true as that may be, in post-genocide Rwanda, we have come to witness another kind of undefined, intangible form of poverty; the kind of poverty that strips oneself at the very core of self-worth and one of humanities most valuable assets – our identity.

And because of this, A Bridge for Girls recognizes the gap in opportunity for young women has widened, while the inability to be acknowledged causes many to feel and become virtually invisible. 

A Bridge For Girls Fund is partnering with Save Generations, a non-profit organization based in Kigali, Rwanda. The organization was founded in 2015 by Yvette Nyinawumuntu, a childhood friend of A Bridge for Girls Fund founder Liliane Kamikazi.

Save Generations connects with girls and young women desiring education, vocational training, mentoring and job opportunities.

The various vocational trainings include tailoring, handcraft design, computer literacy, financial education on running a successful business, budgeting and achieving personal financial goals. 

About the Founder

  After surviving the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, A Bridge for Girls Fund founder, Liliane Kamikazi saw first hand what the value of forging meaning and building identity in the aftermath of what was wrong.

As a daughter of a nation defined by its dark past, Liliane has been struck over the years by what it takes to undergo unbearable physical and emotional challenges, and grow strength from them.


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